About Pitch Break

Pitch Break is an independent publication launched in December 2022. If you subscribe today, you'll get full access to the website and email newsletters about new content when available.

How Content Is Delivered

Content is sent once a week on Wednesday's to your inbox rotating through 2 content types: Pitch Breakdown and Pitch Deck Adjacent Content.

What's Pitch Breakdown Content?

A publicly available or reader submitted pitch deck is selected from a company that has recently closed a round of financing. Pitch Breakdowns cover:

  • Background on the Company
  • Our Bottom Line Analysis of the Deck
  • The Deck
  • Relevant Links

What's Pitch Deck Adjacent Content?

Pitch Deck Adjacent content allows Pitch Break to provide valuable information to first-time founders, serial entrepreneurs, or anyone that likes to follow venture capital and venture-backed startups. This can be information from around the web, fundraising trends, and actionable tips for founders.