Geriatric Looking Deck? The Top Tools for Crafting a Pitch Deck

Practical Pitching Part 2: Top tools for crafting a pitch deck.

Geriatric Looking Deck? The Top Tools for Crafting a Pitch Deck

Hello and welcome! This is the second installment of a 10-part series on Practical Pitching — a guide to help first-time founders develop their pitch. Check out the earlier posts here.

Bottom-Line: Investors are spending less time reviewing pitch decks. On average you have less than 3 minutes to get their attention (and a meeting).

Why it matters: Standing out is crucial in a battle for investor's attention — use these tools to help you go further, faster.

The top tool: Pitch is a relatively new tool on the block but has quickly cemented its place as a standard to replace PowerPoint.

  • Pitch strips away many of the useless features of PowerPoint and Keynote to provide a set of well-executed core features.
  • Pitch also comes with pre-made templates (from Pitch) and a gallery for users to upload and share templates.

The details: It's probably the easiest and most familiar feeling tool to get started with:

  • Slide styles keep everything looking uniform.
  • Templates for just about anything.
  • Commenting, slide statuses and collaboration tools are built right in.
  • Advanced, but not bloated, formatting and editing options.
  • Web and desktop apps.


Pitch keeps your team’s work on-brand, on message, and on time. Innovative features make creating and sharing your work feel effortless.

Pitch Website

The alternative: Gamma flips creating traditional slides on its head and let's you focus on writing.

The details: Gamma turns your content into a pitch deck (or memo) without having to worry about formatting, styles, or design:

  • Simple user interface anyone can pick up.
  • Incredible collaboration options for teams.
  • Ability to export and format as a document or a presentation.


Write like a doc, present like a deck.

Gamma Website

Honorable mentions: Ludus and are great alternatives but don't seem to be as mature.


Collaborative presentations for creative teams. The presentation tool that combines creativity with simplicity... and a bit of magic.

Ludus Website

Presentation software that designs for you. Website