A Breakdown of Vue Storefront's E-Commerce Pitch Deck

Vue Storefront: Decoupled eCommerce frontend to cut DevOps costs.

A Breakdown of Vue Storefront's E-Commerce Pitch Deck


  • Company: Vue Storefront, founded in 2021, is a leading composable commerce solution and Frontend as a Service provider with a global footprint.
  • Problem: The frontend technology underpinning eCommerce websites can impact the entire buyer journey, with monolithic software often hindering innovation and negatively affecting conversion rates.
  • Solution: Vue Storefront offers a mobile-optimized, fast frontend decoupled from monolithic systems, supporting rapid development of customer experiences, providing flexibility, and offering 30+ out-of-the-box integrations and an open-source frontend library to expedite time-to-market and cut DevOps costs.
  • Most Recent Funding: $20M Series A on March 2023
  • Total Funding: $38.9M
  • Notable Investors: Earlybird Venture Capital, SquareOne, and YCombinator

Bottom Line

  • Clear Complexity Taming: Vue Storefront expertly dissects a prevalent industry problem, offering a lucid graphic that aids investors in grasping the intricacies involved. Their solution adeptly simplifies these complexities, a significant feat that's underscored by their impressive market validation, boasting over 2200 customers. This clear problem-solution dynamic is a strong foundation for attracting investment interest.
  • Missing Link in Monetization: While Vue Storefront has effectively tailored its open-source model for small to medium businesses, there's a noticeable gap in their approach towards enterprise organizations. Given the deck's emphasis on the substantial value headless models bring to larger entities, understanding their strategy for monetizing this segment is critical. Investors need clarity on how Vue Storefront plans to capitalize on this significant market opportunity.
  • Blind Spot in Battle Strategy: The pitch deck, while comprehensive in many aspects, lacks a detailed analysis of competitors, especially in the context of targeting enterprise organizations. The only nod to competition is a vague reference to “custom build eCommerce frontends.” For investors, understanding how Vue Storefront stacks up against its peers and plans to carve out its market share is a crucial piece of the puzzle that's currently missing.

The Deck

Cover Slide

The cover slide would benefit from a more engaging, succinct tagline that better represents Vue Storefront's core functions.

Vue 1.jpg


Instantly establishing trust with customers, investors, and prospective employees is key. Adding brief testimonials that highlight specific benefits realized by companies would further enhance this trust.

Vue 2.jpg


Vue 3.jpg

Problem Cont.

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The visual on this slide is impactful, providing valuable information to investors. Including a case study or a success story from a customer, given Vue Storefront's significant traction, would reinforce this message.

Vue 5.jpg

Solution Cont.

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Vue 7.jpg

Product Pt. 2

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Product Pt. 3 and 4

The team briefly mentions that their main competitor is a 'custom build eCommerce frontend.' For clarity, it would be beneficial for non-technical investors to have a more detailed understanding of who these competitors are and how Vue Storefront stands out.

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Vue 11.jpg


The market information is missing in the deck, but is likely included in the data room for investors.
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Team Cont.

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