Scrintal’s 19-slide Deck that Raised €1M

Scrintal's deck raised €1M with stunning design and storytelling.

Pitch Breakdown and Scrintal Logos
Pitch Breakdown / Scrintal


  • Company: Scrintal, founded in 2020, is a digital platform enhancing creative potential for creators like writers, researchers, and entrepreneurs.
  • Problem: 74% of time spent by cross-functional teams brings no added value to a project or idea.
  • Solution: They offer a visual note-taking and mind mapping tool for organizing and connecting thoughts.
  • Most Recent Funding: €1M on January 18, 2023
  • Total Funding: €1M
  • Notable Investors: and Spintop Ventures

Bottom Line

Form and Function

  • Scrintal's deck stands out with its stunning design.
  • Despite containing a wealth of information, it effectively captures investors' attention prior to a live pitch.


  • A detailed examination of the problem leads to a clear value proposition, supported by user testimonials.
  • The Scrintal team even manages to address the competitive landscape early on in the value proposition slide.


  • The deck's storytelling begins right from the start, introducing Ece's user persona and carrying the narrative throughout.
  • Although the team slide is absent, the other slides masterfully convey the problem, solution, and value proposition in a clear and captivating manner.
  • Scrintal's remarkable traction, revenue growth, and customer retention metrics provide solid evidence of the company's success.

The Deck

Cover Slide

Scrintal cover slide depicting the Scrintal user interface


Problem slide depicting a single project in Ece's life. Showing Ece is a strategist and wastes a lot of time.

Problem Cont.

Problem slide showing that 74% of time is spent on tasks with no added value


From experience using Scrintal, a demo would be a great thing to add in the solution section. The app is such a shift from Notion, Docs, and task management apps that it’s hard to wrap your head around. Once you experience the app, there’s an “aha” moment.

Solution slide showing the 3 steps how we transform decision makers' work

Solution Cont.

Solution slide showing going from an idea to shareable work in a single app. 3 simple steps graphic showing think, develop, and share

Value Proposition

Scrintal makes a pretty bold claim here and backs it up with a mental model that resonates with investors. Everyone has been through the process of using an app for ideation, moving to another app for developing the idea further, and finally cementing the idea in another app so it can be shared.

Value proposition slide showing that work 10x faster by thinking, developing ideas, and sharing in the flow

User Testimonials

Slide showing user testimonials from marketing directors, talent managers, engineering manager, and sales managers praising the Scrintal app


In previous pitch breakdowns (see Incymo.AI) vanity metrics have been plentiful. Scrintal does a great job pulling in relevant metrics for a consumer app through their traction, revenue growth, and retention.

Line graph showing consistent organic growth


I’ve personally been using Scrintal since it was in beta. I saw them move from beta to and early access plan. The model Scrintal chose to go from beta to revenue is likely very compelling to investors.

Revenue slide showing revenue generated over time


Retention chart depicting power users' retention

User Profile

Slide showing Scrintal's power users are gate keepers in their organizations


Growth slide with bar share depicting linear growth of user and ARR estimates


This isn’t strictly a vision slide and does a great job of pulling in the roadmap for the company and product. All the while showing some comparisons for similar valuations.

Vision slide: Our vision is to transform the way 1b+ people create ideas

The Ask

Ask slide to investors. Scrintal is looking for a partner with global mindset and connections, expertise in product-led growth, and strong SaaS focus


Contact slide for


Personally, I think some of these slides should be in the main deck but they work in an appendix. One major slide that’s missing it the team slide. Arguably one of the most crucial slides in a seed deck. Investors are focused on 3 things in a seed round: the team, the market, and the outsized upside.

Appendices slide

Why Now?

Why now slide showing a line chart of 14% yearly growth of productivity management software

Competitive Landscape

This slide leaves a bit to be desired, but does a good job pulling together a competitive landscape for investors. I’ve already covered how to develop a compelling competitive landscape but it goes without saying that it’s a common fallacy to place your product in the upper-right quadrant.

Slide showing a competitive landscape grid with Scrintal in the upper right quadrant

Product and Growth

Slide showing that Scrintal's product and growth model creates a defensible and scalable business